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Stone Leadership School exists to provide individuals with the opportunity to grow and develop as a person while pursuing God’s call on their life. During your time in Stone Leadership School, you will be able to pursue a degree in Ministry Leadership, along with other degrees of your choosing.


There are two options within Stone Leadership School:

stone leadership school.


Do you want to grow personally in your knowledge and understanding of God, while at the same time learn vital leadership skills and receive hands-on training that will quip you to succeed wherever God is calling you? Whether you want to serve behind-the-scenes in ministry – or take on a lead role – our internship program is custom-designed to help you get there with excellence!


Do you want to earn an AA or BA degree from Northwest University through our partnership with them, while at the same time, growing spiritually and learning vital ministry and life skills by serving an internship here at Stone? Then, this program is for you!

Whether you are in SLS or SLS + NU, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of the four internship tracks listed below:


creative arts track.


youth ministry track.


ministry leadership track.


kids world track.

If you want more information, text ‘SLS’ to our Stone Church Textline at 844.980.2812


If you want to apply to Stone Leadership School text ‘SLS APPLICATION’ to our

Stone Church Textline at 844.980.2812


Evan Garza – Director, Stone Leadership School

509.575.3720 or text 844.980.2812

Follow Stone Leadership School on our Instagram: @stoneleadershipschool

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