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In Luke, we see that our faith is historical and evidential. Luke also gives us a beautiful portrait of our compassionate Savior. Jesus was not turned off by the poor and the needy. In fact, they were a primary focus of His ministry. Israel at the time of Jesus was a very class-conscious society. The weak and downtrodden were powerless to improve their lot in life, so they were very open to the message that the “Kingdom of God is near.” The beauty of the Gospel is that it is for “everyone, always.” Jesus invites everyone to the table. He offers hope to everyone. Today, we are invited to follow His example and bring the good news of salvation to the spiritually poor and needy. Our prayer is also that through the Sunday morning teachings, LifeGroups, and the daily devotional readings, we will be challenged to live a life of love and compassion.

Let's get started!

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